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Here's Thom Yorke joining R.E.M. for "E-Bow The Letter" in 2004

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Photo: Matt Cardy (Getty Images)

Next month, R.E.M. is set to release a special box set of interviews and performances that the band did with the BBC over the past 20 years, with its nine discs of R.E.M. content including the John Peel sessions, a headlining set from Glastonbury in 1999, the documentary Accelerating Backwards, and what the band’s official site refers to as a “treasure trove of rare and unreleased” recordings. As a tease for some of the fabulous goodies that treasure trove will contain, ShortList has shared a live version of R.E.M. New Adventures In Hi-Fi single “E-Bow The Letter” that was recorded at London’s St. James’ Church in 2004. The original single had Patti Smith on the backing vocals, but this one features an appearance from longtime R.E.M. buddy Thom Yorke:

The full box set will be available on October 19, and if you’re only a medium R.E.M. fan, you can also get a The Best Of R.E.M. At The BBC collection that comes in a much more manageable 2-disc set.


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