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Here's the trailer for Netflix's Holiday In The Wild because nothing is more festive than Rob Lowe's abs

Just yesterday we had the great honor and privilege of sharing Netflix’s upcoming slate of holiday movies and TV shows. Among the Christmas Princes and elves and Dennis Quaid, there lay nestled a synopsis for a very special holiday movie: Holiday In The Wild. Friends, this is not your average Hallmark Christmas romance movie. It is the story of one woman’s extraordinary journey all the way to Zambia, where she makes the ultimate discovery: herself. And, as is obvious to anyone who watches this trailer, this is more than a movie. It’s our journey, too.

Our story begins when a woman named Kate Conrad, who is definitely not Charlotte from Sex And The City because she is familiar with the wisdom of Yoda, decides to surprise her husband with a second honeymoon to Zambia after their son leaves for college. But the burlap sack full of shit that is Kate’s husband leaves her, so she finds herself alone in a romantic hotel suite, drinking champagne straight from a bottle—you go, girl! Kate’s life takes a dramatic turn when she meets a handsome pilot, played by the artist formerly known as Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe), and the pair rescue a baby elephant. What could possibly be more festively romantic?! It’s basically the cinematic equivalent of mistletoe, but with abs and elephants and a setting that is definitely not ill-advised whatsoever!

You can join Kate Conrad-who-is-not-Charlotte on this magical journey when Holiday In The Wild hits Netflix on November 1.

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