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Here's the new Kyle Reese in the Terminator reboot

According to Variety, the Terminator reboot has cast Spartacus star Jai Courtney in the all-important role of Kyle Reese, the human resistance fighter dispatched by John Connor (played by Jason Clarke) to go back in time and bone his mom. Though, as with all reports related to the new Terminator trilogy, it remains unclear how faithfully this version will hew to that tale of post-apocalyptic matchmaking, as the reimagined-except-for-the-Arnold-Schwarzenegger-part film will find the Terminator protecting a younger Sarah Connor, played by Emilia Clarke, “as she grows up”—suggesting either this Kyle Reese could be more hands-off for a while, or this John Connor is especially, creepily concerned about his mother’s sexual development. What is known is that, thanks to his role in A Good Day To Die Hard, Courtney is familiar with aging action stars and lumbering machines.


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