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Here's the new guy who will run Disney

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Disney has selected the man to replace the ousted Rich Ross (whose name's superficial resemblance to rapper Rick Ross and all attendant bawse jokes were already covered here), with the studio picking Castle Rock co-founder and former Warner Bros. president Alan Horn as the man to approve all the company's future family entertainment-creating algorithms, and take the public blame for any giant, John Carter-caliber failures. Of course, the hope is that he won't have to do that last thing: As the official PR spin notes, Horn has overseen "some of the world's most successful entertainment properties"—everything from huge commercial successes like Harry Potter, The Dark Knight, and Seinfeld to Best Picture nominees such as The Shawshank Redemption and A Few Good Men—so it's hoped that he can bring similar fortune to a studio whose biggest hits lately have been through its Marvel and Pixar arms. Of course, it remains to be seen how much influence one can really have over a company already so locked into predetermined, branding-based programming—though Horn's already sort-of exerted his influence by moving The Lone Ranger back two months to July 3, 2013—but something tells us that Cody Horn suddenly has a really bright future in movies.


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