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Here's the Louis CK-free Secret Life Of Pets 2 trailer, now with fewer unpleasant secrets

Of the various Louis CK-adjacent people it’s presumably been no fun to be over the last year—former colleagues, fellow stand-ups facing uncomfortable questions, women—we can probably count the producers of the Secret Life Of Pets franchise right up there near the top. After all, Illumination had to face the fact that its adorable, slightly neurotic main puppy character was being voiced by an adorable, slightly neurotic man with a bad tendency to get his dick out, unasked, and that’s not usually the sort of thing you want associated with a children’s movie.

Unsurprisingly, the folks behind Secret Life Of Pets 2 wasted little time last year booting CK off the film, although they still decided to keep his character, Max, as their main viewpoint into a world where animals are just as fucked up and miserable as the rest of us. Fellow world-famous stand-up Patton Oswalt has now taken on the role, and you can check out his work in the above trailer for the film, which is scheduled for a summer 2019 release. The first one made a pretty enormous amount of money, but it remains to be seen whether kid audiences were drawn in by CK’s auteurish sensibilities and raw comedy style—and, correspondingly if Oswalt’s more humane, less antagonistic comedy will elicit the same response—or if they just liked the cute pictures of the adorable dogs and cats.

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