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Here's the list of women supposedly being considered to direct a Black Widow movie

Photo: Avengers: Infinity War (Marvel Studios)

Even though it has inexplicably taken a very long time, Marvel seems to finally be moving forward with a movie dedicated to Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, with the studio hiring writer Jac Schaeffer to put together a script. Now a recent Hollywood Reporter story has floated the names of some female filmmakers as possible directors for the Black Widow movie, noting that Marvel Studios has met with Deniz Gamze Erguven (Mustang), Chloe Zhao (The Rider), and Amma Asante (A United Kingdom), with Variety reporter Justin Kroll adding Maggie Betts (Novitiate) and Angela Robinson (Professor Marston And The Wonder Woman) to the list as well.

None of these people have gotten the job yet, but as /Film notes, they’re all up-and-coming directors who seem well-positioned for the kind of big breakout that a Black Widow movie could be. A recent rumor claimed that Black Widow would be a pre-Iron Man 2 prequel featuring Johansson and a still-brainwashed Winter Soldier long before either of them join up with the Avengers, but that’s very much unconfirmed. Either way, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has already set he won’t announce any new movies until after Avengers 4, so we don’t even know if Black Widow will happen, but it’s now looking more and more likely that it really will.


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