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Coachella organizer Goldenvoice really, really wants The Smiths to get back together. According to an interview Morrissey gave to Australia’s Herald Sun, the company was at one point willing to make the fest a completely vegetarian event if Morrissey and guitar player Johnny Marr would headline the fest together as The Smiths. According to Moz, organizers even “made it clear that they would ‘not require’ The Smiths’ bass player or drummer” that have been the source of most of the band's internal conflict.


Now that this information’s out in the world, once again that means the gossip mill has started turning again and producing rumors about an actual Smiths reunion. According to British blog Holy Moly, the reunion is a “done deal,” the “dates are booked,” and “Glastonbury is one of four dates.” According to the site’s rather hinky and unnamed sources, “one report says it’s all four” members and “another says it’s only three.” But given that this is approximately the 10,000th report of the band’s reunion in recent years, including one in which the group turned down $75 million in 2007, though, don't go booking any flights just yet.

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