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Here's the first trailer for Matt Groening's new Netflix show Disenchantment

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Image: Netflix

Matt Groening, the creator of cult hit cartoons The Simpsons and Futurama, is heading to Netflix for his next project, a high-fantasy epic called Disenchantment. We saw our first (static) look at the central characters back in May, but today Netflix has released a proper teaser for the show that introduces Abbi Jacobson’s hard-drinking princess Bean and—though their heads are covered by bags—her sidekick Elfo and her demon pal Luci. They don’t talk in this trailer, but they’re voiced by Nat Faxon and Eric Andre. Other voice actors working on Disenchantment include John DiMaggio, Billy West, and Maurice LaMarche, all of whom you’ll recognize from Futurama and one of whom you’ll definitely recognize in this teaser.


This teaser is too quick to really give a good indication of what the show will be like, but the gag about Bean having a weak chin and buckteeth is a nice meta gag. Disenchantment will premiere on Netflix on August 17.

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