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Photo: Sergione Infuso (Getty Images/Corbis)

As reported by Rolling Stone, Guy Sigsworth and Imogen Heap have resurrected their electronic band Frou Frou for a new song and an upcoming tour. The duo disbanded in 2003, enjoying a bit of a resurgence in the years after as their music became an early-2000s soundtrack staple (Garden State will do that to a band), but this is the first time Heap and Sigsworth have actually committed to a proper reunion. The new track is called “Guitar Song (Live”), and as Rolling Stone notes, it has a bit of a Frou Frou legacy—having existed in rumors as an unreleased song ever since the band’s original run and once popping up in a VR performance. Now, though, “Guitar Song” is getting a proper release and you can hear it below.


In a statement, Heap said that they’re going to be opening every show on their tour with this song, with Sigsworth comparing “Guitar Song” to “João Gilberto playing shoegazer music. Or something.”

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