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Here's the first look at Joaquin Phoenix and, hey, also Maya Rudolph in Inherent Vice

For weeks now, we’ve been forced to use our feeble imaginations to picture how Paul Thomas Anderson might go about translating Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice to the screen, only to become immediately distracted by our imagination coming up with more things Taco Bell could make into tacos. (No, imagination—no one wants a Frittatataco! Attractive alliteration or not, frittatas make impractical taco shells!) Fortunately, filming has begun and therefore the paparazzi are already on set, so thanks to The Daily Mail, we can now get our first actual look at how Anderson will transform Joaquin Phoenix into his early-‘70s-era stoner detective, Doc Sportello: by using a hat and some muttonchops.

The photogs also made another minor revelation by catching Anderson’s partner Maya Rudolph hanging around, apparently filming some scenes in a nurse’s costume. The Playlist speculates that this means Rudolph is playing the minor character of Petunia Leeway, though we suppose it’s also possible Anderson just wants to keep Rudolph nearby in case she goes into labor, so he can immediately get her pregnant again. (Seriously, those kids sure do love getting pregnant.)


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