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Here's the exact moment Han Solo and Lando Calrissian meet in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story is out in just a hair over two weeks from today, but that’s no reason not to watch a presumably key scene from the movie right now. In fact, the fine folks looking down upon us from their gold thrones at Disney Megacorp have seen fit to provide eager viewers with one less reason to go see the apparently troubled prequel: a clip showing Han and Lando’s first meeting, free of any pesky context.


Their generosity knows no bounds.

Though the original version of this scene was first made available through a very fine, child cosplay Denny’s tie-in commercial, it should be said that replacing the starring characters with grown-up actors like Donald Glover and Alden Ehrenreich is an inspired choice. Both seem capable of emoting, which is nice. Glover can also grow his own Lando moustache, rather than needing the costume department to rework his character as a clean-shaven rogue (unheard of) or attach little bits of fuzz to his top lip with spirit gum. This new clip, it seems, proves that it’s quite a lot better to have adults playing these characters.

And, while putting an important scene up as a promo may seem like a strange choice, watching Glover smirk over a space poker table filled with squawking alien monstrosities, enjoying a drink poured by a delightful floating robot, does make the idea of checking out yet another Star Wars movie a bit more enticing than it did beforehand. Whether what comes in the many minutes before and after this scene end up making that decision worthwhile is something we’ll have to wait a whole two weeks to find out for ourselves.

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