Having long flirted with music production—whether co-writing songs for his own soundtracks, working with Inland Empire chanteuse Chrysta Bell, or collaborating with Danger Mouse and the late Mark Linkous on the recent Dark Night Of The Soul—director David Lynch finally goes all in with the electro-pop ditty you didn’t know you wanted from the guy who made Blue Velvet. “Good Day Today” finds Lynch intoning simple pleas like “I want to have a good day today” and “Send me an angel” through gobs of vocoder, the minimalist trance groove of the song briefly interrupted by a cup of gunfire seemingly left over from M.I.A.’s sessions. In terms of Lynch’s film output, this song is probably most like The Straight Story in that you’re likely to keep hanging around waiting for something weird to happen, but in the end the only weird (or interesting) thing about it is that David Lynch made it.

Good Day Today by threeminutesthirtyseconds