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Here's The Daily Show's newest correspondent

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Hoping to stave off any audience stranger-danger panic at seeing an unfamiliar face on their TV screens, Comedy Central has announced that comedian Jordan Klepper will be joining The Daily Show tonight as its newest correspondent, and he’s an all-right guy so be cool. Klepper will make his debut reporting on the crisis in Ukraine—which is sort of like the freshman quarterback starting against a team whose existence cannot be confirmed by referees at this time.


Fortunately he’s had practice spinning comedy out of confusion, having come up through the Chicago improv scene at Second City and iO, where he starred in the news satire show Whirled News Tonight. He also co-created and starred, along with his wife Laura Grey, in the Upright Citizens Brigade web series Engaged and has been seen on IFC’s Bunk and MTV’s I Just Want My Pants Back, as one of many people who would just like their pants back.

Klepper is the first new Daily Show correspondent since Jessica Williams was added in 2012, as well as the first since John Oliver left. As of press time, he is not British.

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