After a string of warped teasers appeared in major cities around the world, in addition to a characteristically impossible-to-parse press release, Aphex Twin has announced his new EP, Collapse. We might’ve had this information last night, when Adult Swim was scheduled to air his new video “T69 Collapse,” but it didn’t pass the Harding test—a safeguard that prevents images that might trigger those with epilepsy from being broadcasted—and so it was pulled. You can watch the video above, but, obviously, be forewarned that the damn thing didn’t pass the Harding test.

You’ll know why within a few seconds, as streams of corrupted text flash yellow, and the camera goes swooping through a series of shattered three-dimensional worlds. The track glides through weird wormholes and the video, directed by Weirdcore, does the same, finally settling in on some pulsating, psychedelic iterations of Aphex Twin’s iconic logo. It’s all extremely Aphex Twin, with byzantine drums and haunted, muffled vocals. The EP’s out September 14 on Warp.