Last night’s Who Is America? featured a few low points for the baby series, but its most attention-grabbing segment was when Sacha Baron Cohen got racist shitbag Joe Arpaio to tacitly yearn for a blowjob from fellow racist shitbag Donald Trump. That’s a headline-grabbing stunt, facilitated by Baron Cohen’s new character OMGWhizzBoyOMG—an exuberant, orange-haired YouTuber from Finland—but Arpaio walked into it backwards and with little enthusiasm, the end result of a bunch of weird wordplay and misdirection. Much more funny is the earlier portion of the segment, in which OMGWhizzBoyOMG nails the idiot glee of an “unboxing” video while peppering Arpaio with questions about communists and gun control and casually alluding to “the upcoming race war.” You can watch the whole segment above.

We’ve known for awhile that Baron Cohen duped Arpaio—a man who, you’ll recall, illegally detained people at the border in what he proudly called “a concentration camp,” then got pardoned by Trump. Before the season aired, Arpaio told Breitbart, “I was a little suspicious, and I think I made a mistake… I was really concerned that I walked into this trap.” You can sort of see that concern dawning in real-time here. As much fun as it is to watch Baron Cohen get people like the disgraced former Republican state representative Jason Spencer to buy his schtick hook, line, and sinker, there’s a different, perverse thrill to be had in watching pieces of shit like Joe Arpaio squirm uncomfortably for a few minutes, unsure what’s going on or what they’ve gotten themselves into. The only thing that makes the old piece of shit feel better is screaming at a donut about gun control, which is probably about right, all things considered.