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Here's probably the most entertaining video about toxic fandoms you'll watch today

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If you’re a fan of chaotic videos with extremely enthusiastic guys in it, you probably like internet videos. Nobody, though, does loud and enthusiastic better than @KirkDeveyck and @JulienKbg. Together, they make up Marvel Fans United, an effort that somehow makes the MCU and its myriad discussion points even more exciting. In their most recent video, they tackle racism and sexism within fandom culture, particularly calling out those within the Star Wars and Marvel sects. In it, the duo explores (loudly!) how internet mobs conjure up idiotic outcries when it comes to people of color being cast in major franchises.


Deveyck highlights the difference between “real” and “not real” people, since that’s apparently lost on some. He also talks about how John Boyega and Kelly Marie Tran made racist heads spin when cast in Star Wars, forcing Tran to delete her Instagram. For those who assert they just hated her character, Rose Tico, Deveyck notes that there’s a difference between criticism and harassment. He also touches on sexist double standards—for example, Brie Larson faced a troll-led shitstorm when she suggested that talent on and off screen should be more diverse, but nobody seemed to care when Tom Holland said the exact same thing.

Sure, the video’s turbulent as all hell, but its core message—“Don’t degrade real people because you have love for fake people”—pretty much needs to be shouted into the clouds these days. If you dig the pair, check out some of their other videos, which include January’s viral demand for the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, as well as a hype video for Captain Marvel and an ode to Tom Holland. Their neighbors must hate them.

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