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Here's our first terrifying look at the presidential campaign of Veep's Jonah Ryan

HBO’s Veep will take its bow when its seventh season premieres this spring, and it looks like the show is leaning hard into that inevitable final arc we’ve expected since the sixth season finale (and, probably, since November of 2016). A new tweet from showrunner David Mandel depicts none other than Timothy Simons’ Jonah Ryan—the one-time gofer who, throughout the course of the series, wormed his way into some of the most esteemed realms of government—campaigning for our nation’s highest office. “#imwithhim,” the tweet reads, sending a horrible shiver up our collective spines.


“The 6-foot 5-inch dick” teased his presidential run at the end of season six and the pageantry on display in Mandel’s tweet sure looks familiar, doesn’t it? Still, as depressing as the satire is, Veep’s never allowed the tragedy to swallow the comedy, so we’re sure what they’re cooking up is bound to bring its own kind of comedic catharsis.

He’s gonna win, isn’t he?

[via Vulture]

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