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Here’s “Old Town Road” made with horse sounds

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Photo: Left: Lil Nas X (Matt Winkelmeyer), Right: Horses (Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

Not too long ago, in the wake of Diplo’s remix of Billy Ray Cyrus’ remix of “Old Town Road, we predicted that soon there would be an “Old Town Road” remix to fit the tastes of literally every single person in America. That prediction has borne out even more than this website had imagined, because here is the “Old Town Road” remix for if you are a horse.

Yes, this version of “Old Town Road”, from YouTuber KNOH, is composed entirely of horse sounds. Helpfully, KNOH provides video of all the horses sampled at the top of the video, so you can better know all the parts of your novelty remix of what was already kind of a novelty song to begin with. Hey, horses don’t usually demand royalties, so why not?

One other thing horses do not do—save certain classic televised exceptions— is speak. So, if you were hoping to hear a horse say “bull riding and boobies,” you are sadly out of luck. If this very particular genre of “songs remixed with the sounds of the thing the song is about” speaks to you, however, you are in luck. KNOH’s YouTube channel is full of similar such songs, including a Marshmello song made with marshmallows.

Stick around, or don’t, for some ASMR horse jokes from KNOH at the end of the “Old Town Road” video.


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