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Here's Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer performing "Judy Blume" live together in 2011

Totally normal married couple Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer took a break from their newlywed lifestyle in 2011 and played six west coast dates. The lengthy shows involved the intermingling of each partner’s fans, and was ultimately released to fans via a 3-CD set available exclusively on Kickstarter. That record, The Evening With Neil Gaiman And Amanda Palmer, is finally being released to the general public Tuesday, Nov. 19, and A.V. Club readers can get an exclusive preview of one of the tracks, “Judy Blume” included on the monster release.

The record is available for pre-order now. Especially enthusiastic fans can drop major coin and pick up a deluxe bundle that includes the record, two mugs, a t-shirt, a poster, a journal, a teapot, and a tea towel.


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