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Here's Julia Louis-Dreyfus having sex with a clown for GQ

Just in time to usurp Game Of Thrones as the most disturbing HBO-related image of the week, Veep’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus was profiled for GQ’s new comedy issue and was photographed fucking a clown—a poignant symbol of the way a female comedian’s sexuality is always part of the conversation, and the way funny women loooove fucking clowns. Or perhaps it’s a reference to how her Veep character is perpetually getting fucked by those clowns in Congress. Or perhaps it’s not really making a statement at all, other than “DOO-DOO-DOODOO-DOODOO-DOO-DOO-CLOWN-FUCK.”


Anyway, some could probably make (and have already made) the argument that this—like Louis-Dreyfus’ recent, similarly nude, fortunately clown-bereft Rolling Stone cover—is exploitative at worst, and at best, too reminiscent of that episode of 30 Rock where Liz is photographed pooping a live chicken. But for what it’s worth, the accompanying interview doesn’t really delve into gender issues, mostly just covering Louis-Dreyfus’ knack for channeling anger into her comedy, despite her claiming, “I don’t have a shit-ton of baggage. There’s not some grotesque, dark thing.” Except that time she was photographed fucking a clown. 

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