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Jason Statham’s public persona is built on him being somehow more than human. To properly sell his appearances in action films, from The Transporter to the upcoming Hobbs & Shaw, we must all believe that Statham is as capable of jumping around and kicking ass as the movies make him seem. As a 51-year-old with a fallible human body, it’s only natural to question whether he’s actually still as martially gifted as he appears on screen.

Well, take a look at Statham spin-kicking the cap off a bottle and doubt him no longer.


After presumably having threatened the bottle with a gruff taunt, Statham is shown slow motion decapitating the item like the world’s most desperately tip-seeking waiter. Like a character in one of his films, his attack is well-staged and perfectly executed.

Statham is just the latest to take part in the precision bottle-murdering challenge now sweeping the internet. The hashtag that will soon see children across the globe smashing furniture (and their heads) in imitation of these videos was kicked off by UFC champ Max Holloway with an expert demonstration of how it’s done.


Somehow, for whatever reason, Holloway passed the challenge onto noted martial artist and easy listening guitar guy John Mayer who, uh, passed his test with aplomb.


It was Mayer’s victory that gave us Statham’s video in the first place, the musician having challenged him to show that he was at least as good at kicking stuff as an MMA fighter and the singer behind “Your Body Is A Wonderland.” Now, Statham has challenged another UFC competitor—James Moontasri—and director Guy Ritchie to do some slow-motion foot-spinning of their own.

For now, the war against bottles has, John Mayer aside, been confined to the sort of celebrities whose reputations are built on being tough. While it’s still well and good to watch these people kick the hell out of bottle caps, the challenge won’t truly come into its own until it’s spread across all echelons, child and geriatric actors alike flinging themselves in front of a camera for our amusement.


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