As the East Coast continues to deal with the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy, it continues to affect the admittedly far less important realm of television. But, as we are a pop culture website and have no other way to process things, it is our duty to inform you that ABC has bumped its scheduled new episode of Private Practice in order to air A Special Edition of 20/20: The Perfect Storm, looking at all the very real, non-George Clooney-related devastation from the past couple of days.

Meanwhile, NBC has similarly postponed Go On and The New Normal in order to hand primetime over to continuing storm coverage from NBC News. It's not known when those shows will return, though it's assumed that, as with Private Practice, they'll also be preempted next week for election coverage, meaning they'll celebrate Halloween sometime in mid-November. (As far as we can tell, Fox still plans to go ahead with its Halloween-themed block of new episodes from Raising Hope, Ben And Kate, New Girl, and The Mindy Project. Tonight Mindy dresses like a sexy mailman! Maybe that will make you feel better, if you have electricity and can watch it.)


The Daily Show and The Colbert Report also canceled today's tapings according to posts on their websites, but some of their late-night colleagues have resumed: While David Letterman's show has not yet confirmed whether it taped a new episode, Jimmy Kimmel will go ahead with his planned week of shows from Brooklyn, and Jimmy Fallon returned to performing in front of a live audience, rather than a cruel echo chamber reverberating with regret. Incidentally, Fallon's scheduled guest is Donald Trump, who will hopefully discuss how he just called the hurricane "good luck" for Obama, before dangling his recent fake $5 million charity offer in front of the families of hurricane victims. And then the audience who just braved the watery mire of New York to be there will tear Donald Trump apart like a pack of wolves, and the city can finally begin to heal.