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Here's Glenn Close and magician Derren Brown slapping the hell out of each other

Photo: Tony Barson (Getty Images)

Glenn Close is really good at social media. In the past, she’s delighted her followers by posting a photo of her face transformed into an eerie replica of Woody Harrelson’s, shown off her demonic-looking pet troll, and uploaded a magnificently botched ode to Notre Dame. Now, in the latest of a quickly-growing catalogue of excellent posts, she’s taken to Instagram with an inexplicable video of her and magician Derren Brown just slapping the hell out of each other.


Standing in a dark room, Close slaps the English magician across his face. He does the same to her and she brings the brief melee to a close with a last strike that sends him reeling off, holding his cheek. The two laugh throughout, ensuring us that this is not a weirdly heated moment caught on tape and is, instead, some kind of planned fight. What the nature of that fight is, we don’t currently know.

The video cuts off after Close and Brown recount the slapping (“I’m tough,” Close says. “That was really good!) and a “To Be Continued” title card fades in. Other than Close’s Instagram caption—“Fun with Derren Brown!”—and Brown’s tweet of the video, which threateningly promises “More to follow,” there isn’t a whole lot to go on by way of context.

A watermark that reads Derren Brown: Secret On Broadway means this probably has something to do with a taped version of the live show, but, until we have more information, it’s impossible to say for sure what inspired the slap-fight. If we had to guess, it might stem from this horrifying caricature Brown tweeted out a few months back. Look at that and try to tell us its creator doesn’t deserve a little bit of payback.


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