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Here's Donald Glover’s new short film “Chicken And Futility"

Illustration for article titled Heres Donald Glover’s new short film “Chicken And Futility

The February/March issue of Complex features a gorgeously produced cover story on Childish Gambino, a.k.a. Donald Glover, titled “Know The Ledge,” which allowed the rapper-slash-actor to navel-gaze and wax philosophic about computer science, all while tracking his music career through his latest album, Because The Internet. Glover already supplemented that record with a 75-page screenplay and a 25-minute film, Clapping For The Wrong Reasons, and now, in conjunction with the Complex interview—which also had too many quotes to fit in just one story—he's written and directed another film, “Chicken And Futility.”


The short features Glover reading e.e. cummings in his house—there's his fellow Derrick Comedy alum D.C. Pierson’s novel Crap Kingdom on the table—while his friends play Marvel Vs. Capcom in the background, before talking about his conflicted obsession with Chik-fil-A and the futility of moths’ existence. (It’s a metaphor.) It all plays out like some watered-down mumblecore, but maybe get used to it. After Glover’s final appearance on Community airs in a few weeks, it’s all about the music and this sort of thing.

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