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We wouldn’t expect a Bad Boys sequel—even a Bad Boys sequel coming 16 years after the last one—to be the kind of movie that needs to be kept totally under wraps, but apparently that’s what’s going on with Bad Boys For Life (the new installment coming from directors directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah). Yesterday, Will Smith shared an “exclusive first look” at the a script reading for For Life that was edited to avoid all spoilers, and when we say “all spoilers” we mean all spoilers. Everyone at the table has their face and name card blurred out (thought some are more obvious than others), and the video is filled with so many bleeps that it’s possible that Bad Boys For Life will be the most vulgar movie in the history of cinema. There’s really not much to say beyond that, because it’s impossible to know what’s happening in this video, but it’s a pretty funny clip and there’s probably someone out there who can do some computer magic and undo all of these edits.


Then again, that would spoil the fun of pretending that all of these bleeps are dirty words, so maybe we’d prefer not to know. Bad Boys For Life will be in theaters in 2020.

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