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Here's an exhaustive breakdown of each Trump cohort's Simpsons analog

Comparing pop culture figures to the cretins in President Donald Trump’s circle is nothing new, but, Jesus Christ, a writer named Alessandro King has definitively conquered this particular brand of meme. When he promised on Twitter to discover the “Simpsons analog” of “everyone in Trump’s orbit” he wasn’t kidding, and his exhaustiveness is matched only by just how on point each one is. Sure, mentally we’d match each one to Ralph Wiggum and call it a day, but King’s breakdown focuses more on physicality and mannerisms. The results? Exceedingly cromulent.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is Smilin’ Joe Fission? With these photos? Perfection.


Occasionally, as in the case of John Bolton and Satan Flanders, the analogs also extend to the pair’s goals and personalities, but oftentimes, as in the case of murderous dictator Kim Jong-Un and sweet, tubby, German Üter, it’s simply a matter of uncanny recognition. But, look at these: Steve Mnuchin as Artie Ziff? John Kelly as Superintendent Chalmers? Michael Cohen as Krusty’s accountant? The specificity and absolute accuracy of these analogs was previously thought unpossible.

See some of our favorites below, the first of which being the shockingly apt pairing of Melania Trump with the Gummy Venus de Milo.


Being from Texas himself, oily former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was probably the real-life inspiration for the series’ rich, good ‘ol boy Texan.


Trump’s slovenly doctor, Harold Bornstein, the very man who recently admitted he lied about our president’s physical health? There were plenty of Dr. Nick Riviera jokes about him at the time, but there’s definitely room for one more.


From now, we call him Anthony ScaraPOOCHIE.


And we’ll just let this one speak for itself.


And we’ve only just scratched the surface of this thread. Read it from the top here.

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