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Here's an exclusive song from Awesome Show's David Liebe Hart

Fans of Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! will surely recognize David Liebe Hart as the puppeteer and general weirdo who graced some of the show's most memorable sketches. But Liebe Hart has a history that stretches farther back than his Adult Swim days: He was encouraged to start puppeteering by his Sunday-school teacher, Jim Henson, and—if this song is to be believed—grew up in various parts of Chicago. This exclusive debut is from Liebe Hart's upcoming "punk rock" album, due out on July 9 [correction: August 13 on Evil Weevil Records]. He funded the record via Kickstarter, and bits of his life story can be found on that page. (His own page is chock full of interesting merch as well, and his Facebook page features such nuggets as "They call Earth Day something different on Star Korendor." Here's "Better Media"—enjoy.


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