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Here's an argument for Mysterio being the MCU's most powerful supervillain

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[Spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home.]

Quentin Beck played a good game for most of the newest Spider-Man film, but his dastardly plans did eventually come to light. You might have sat there wondering how could Peter be so stupid to give him EDITH, but as this video essay by ScreenCrush outlines, being able to work right under Parker’s nose is a feat not many have accomplished. And the reason that’s so easy is because of you, dear reader.

As you know, since you’ve seen Far From Home, Beck/Mysterio has no super-human powers whatsoever and is not from another part of the multiverse. He’s a disgruntled ex-employee of Tony Stark’s and uses nano-tech and drones to trick the world—and Peter Parker’s high school class—into thinking he’s a hero. As the video states, though, “his powers are given to him by the people,” like a politician, since he’s just a regular ‘ol human. People are frightened after the Blip, and because of that fear people will cling to what they want to believe, not necessarily what’s true.


Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

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