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Everyone has watched Disney movies as an adult and questioned just how much of history the films ignore in order to tell simple little romantic stories of a princess finding her prince. And Disney even tried to get meta with its own princess constructions in Enchanted. But writer and comedian Rachel Bloom—a UCB alum who has written for Robot Chicken—took it a step further in an animated music video that puts all of the difficulties of Disney settings right beneath the surface of a cheery pining-for-love song. While it doesn’t skewer any particular Disney story in animation style or melody, it’s closest to Beauty And The Beast, a medieval provincial locale in the midst of a violent plague, resorting to primitive medicine while subjugating young girls and trying to eradicate the Jewish people living away in the woods. “Historically Accurate Disney Princess” comes from Bloom’s new comedy album Please Love Me—which contains her previous viral hit “Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury” as well as song sketches titled “Marry Poppins Is Efficient” and “I Steal Pets.”


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