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Here's all the Chucky movies summarized in weirdly cheerful animated form

In advance of a bunch of new Chucky-based projects, many of us, negligent in our studies, may feel adrift in trying to remember 30-plus years of killer doll lore. Fortunately, the historians at Tell It Animated have condensed the entire series, from 1988's Child’s Play to 2017's Cult of Chucky, into an animated summary.

In just three and a half minutes, we learn how Chucky was born (serial killer possesses doll, naturally) and some of the ways he’s come back to life after each movie ends with his destruction (“freak electrical accident,” magical amulet resurrection, etc.). Most importantly, Tell It Animated meticulously recounts how his weird plastic body has altered over the decades, recounting shifting facial features, the color and style of Chucky’s hairdo, and the position of his facial scars with trivia master detail.


All of this is well and good, but what’s most notable is the clip’s audiovisual style. The Chucky movies, which are about, y’know, an undying murder doll, are depicted here through colorful cartoons and soundtracked by a chipper, organic yogurt commercial-style song. Granted, it’s arguable that the series has always been at its best when leaning into its pitch-black comedy—Child’s Play 2, we’d contend, is a series high point—so the silly presentation is a bonus.

Watch it above. 

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