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In 2003, Ubisoft released Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, and it ruled. Featuring a fun, original storyline, good-for-the-time voice acting, and, most notably, some incredibly creative time-dilation powers for its main character, it quickly became recognized as one of the most innovative and successful major studio releases of all time.


In 2020, President Donald Trump impulsively killed a prominent Iranian general with a high-tech drone, spent a press conference wheeze-blaming Obama for said country’s retaliation attacks, and almost triggered an international military crisis. The passage of time is a funny, unpredictable thing is what we’re trying to say here. So, with all this in mind, we’re just going to leave this 90-minute examination of a video game in which one can reverse the mistakes of the past in order to save countless lives and, perhaps, their nation’s integrity.

No particular reason, really. Just a slow Thursday, y’now?

Courtesy of YouTuber Mike Zachhis first attempt at a “long-form narrative review”—the clip explores all the ways in which The Sands of Time works so well, including its most amusingly cliche bits. Zach is particularly interested in the way the plot unfolds, and with good reason—it compliments the gameplay features perfectly, heightening the hack-and-slash questing for players. So, for those of you looking for something—anything—to distract you from current affairs, might we politely suggest an earnest celebration of a classic video game?


We also dedicate this YouTube recap to Jake Gyllenhaal, who, despite his damndest, will never be able to escape the sins of his own past.

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