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Here's a trailer for the Groundhog Day sequel (it's actually a Jeep ad)

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Screenshot: YouTube

Bill Murray has always claimed to be against appearing in sequels, seemingly joining up with the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife only after being sufficiently assured that he won’t have to do do much actual ghost-busting, but the people at Jeep have evidently uncovered the secret to getting Bill Murray to do things he wouldn’t normally do. Now, we don’t know what that secret is, or else we’d have Bill Murray here covering the news shift on Super Bowl Sunday (we assume it involves giving him a lot of something, either money or rugged off-road vehicles), but we do know what Jeep was able to convince him to appear in a Groundhog Day sequel that also happens to be his first-ever national TV commercial. That’s two things he’s not really known for!

Anyway, the sequel involves Bill Murray (as himself, just to make things slightly cleaner) waking up in Punxsutawney once again, and though he’s initially distraught, he realizes that this time loop will be much more fun thanks to the Jeep’s exciting 2020 [model name removed because they’re not paying us for this]. With the new [unnamed vehicle], Murray dodges Stephen Tobolowsky and his brother Brian (not playing themselves, apparently) and goes to have fun adventures with Punxsutawney Phil and his reliable, capable, and stylish [unnamed truck thing that actually looks a little silly].


You’ll be able to see this thing on TV tonight during [big sports event] alongside ads for [fast blue rodent movie] and [vaguely nacho-flavored corn chip].

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