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Here's a trailer for See, the weird sci-fi show coming to Apple TV+ at launch

Today, Apple announced a new iPhone that is different in some way than the last iPhone (beyond the fact that it has three cameras, we assume), but that announcement also came alongside the reveal that the Apple TV+ streaming service will launch on November 1 at $5 a month. We also got a trailer for one of the exclusive shows that will be available on TV+ when it debuts, and it’s a weird one: Titled See, the vaguely sci-fi show takes place in a dystopian future where all of mankind—or at least what’s left of it after some cataclysm—is blind. Everyone lives in little societies where they wear cool dystopian outfits and go on little dystopian adventures, all while having hushed conversations about all of the bad stuff that the pre-apocalypse humans did to deserve being punished. Of course, there’s a shocking twist, and it should be pretty obvious even without watching the trailer: Two babies are born with the ability to see, leading the larger society of future-people to declare that they’re evil and should be destroyed.

Jason Momoa stars as a very Jason Momoa character, who also happens to be the father of the two magic babies, with Alfre Woodard playing his “spiritual leader” (as the YouTube description explains it). You’ll be able to see See on November 1 with an Apple TV+ subscription, at which point you can then say you saw See and ask you friends if they’ve seen See. If so, you can go back and see Saw, unless you already saw Saw, in which case you should find something else to See—err, see.

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