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Here's a trailer for Casey Affleck's movie about a world with no women

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for another installment of one of The A.V. Club’s most beloved features: Casey Affleck, What The Fuck Were You Thinking? Every week, we examine another completely baffling decision that Casey Affleck made, all in hopes of finding an answer to that unanswerable question. This week: Light Of My Life, Affleck’s directorial follow-up to I’m Still Here, which just got a new trailer this week.


In the film, Affleck plays a father struggling to raise his child in a post-apocalyptic world where nearly all women are dead. This is the same Casey Affleck who was accused of sexual harassment while making I’m Still Here, settled two lawsuits about that harassment out of court, and then later admitted to a generally “unprofessional” atmosphere on that film. For his next directing job after that movie, the one where he was accused of sexual harassment, he decided to do a story where there are no women at all—except in flashbacks, where his wife is played by Elisabeth Moss. We’re not saying he’s not allowed to make a movie like this or that the movie will be bad by default, we would just like to know what the fuck he was thinking when he decided to direct and star in this. Like, seriously. Surely someone else could’ve made this.

Anyway, Affleck’s kid is secretly a girl (played by Anna Pniowsky), which introduces all sorts of threats because, you know, men. Light Of My Life will be in theaters and on demand services on August 9.

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