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Screenshot: BH90210 (Fox)

Despite behind-the-scenes shakeups and the untimely death of former cast member Luke Perry, the 90210 reboot is premiering its six-episode run next month. Today, Fox shared a brief teaser for the series, which, as we previously reported, finds the gang playing fictionalized, “heightened” versions of themselves as they try to ignite a revival of the original series. Meta!

Do they look great? Of course! Ian Ziering does not age. Do they still remind us of the promise of youth in a pre-9/11 America? Of course! Love the scarf, Jason. Good to see you, too, Shannen, we weren’t expecting you. Is that a touch of nostalgia we feel upon seeing Brian Austin Green and Tori Spelling make out? They were a couple offscreen as well as on, you know.


BH90210, as it’s so oddly called, debuts on Fox on August 7.

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