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Finally there’s a version of the DuckTales theme song you can put alongside Al Green and Aretha in your Songs To Make Love To mix. Saturday Morning Slow Jams has produced a soulful R&B rendition of the theme that introduced the world to the adventures of Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Uncle Scrooge, complete with scat breakdown and duck calls. Put aside your reservations and embrace it as you would diving headfirst into a mountain of coins.

SMSJ is the brainchild of Scott Bradlee, whose other weekly YouTube series is Postmodern Jukebox, in which his ensemble covers modern pop music in a variety of styles, such as this Motown tribute to Nickelback. SMSJ also appears to be a weekly affair, if last week’s similarly styled cover of the Pokemon theme song is any indication.

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