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Earlier this month, the instagram account for Ed Banger Records shared a quick clip from a vinyl pressing of “Riga (Take 5),” an alternate version of a song recorded by Daft Punk member Thomas Bangalter for the Latvian art film Riga (Take 1). Bangalter, the robot with the horizontal Cyclops-style visor, has recently done some solo work for soundtracks—most recently in Gaspar Noé’s Climax—but this particular track was especially rare given the obscurity of the Latvian film and the fact that musician David Guetta seemed to have somehow procured the only copy in existence (according to Your EDM).

Now, thankfully, a Daft Punk fan has uploaded the entire 14-minute track to YouTube, meaning even those of us who are not David Guetta can still enjoy it. “Riga (Take 5),” which you can hear below, is a bit of a slow burn, but things do eventually kick off in a cool, Daft Punk-y way after a while. There are no robot voices, arguably the best part of any Daft Punk song, but maybe that’s because this is meant to be from Thomas Bangalter the “human” and not Thomas Bangalter the techno robot.

[via Rolling Stone]


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