According to those obsessive chroniclers of all things Paul Thomas Anderson, Cigarettes & Red Vines, shooting has wrapped on the director’s adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice, forever shutting the door on casting announcements and all those shaggy, quirky actors who just didn’t make the cut. (Can you hear the whimpers of Paul Dano, as he scratches vainly in the cold?) But while we await the film to be previewed by being projected onto microscopic slide, there’s one more teaser of what we can expect to pass along: this photo, posted to Reddit, of what is reportedly 470 feet of dolly track. As Anderson is known to use long, uninterrupted tracking shots in his films, it seems he might be looking to really outdo himself on this one. Or perhaps he just had it set up so that, after a long day of shooting, he could unwind by having an assistant push him really fast and have a fun camera ride. “Wheeeee, I’m a genius!” he would shout. We probably won't know for sure until the DVD commentary. [via /Film]