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Here's a look at Childish Gambino in comic-book form, helping a rag doll feel better about himself

While Donald Glover may have missed his chance to play Spider-Man (at least, for now), he’s otherwise been no stranger to the comics page—inspiring Brian Michael Bendis’ updated take on Peter Parker, turning up in Kickpuncher #1, and now, landing his rap alter ego Childish Gambino in a forthcoming issue of Image Comics’ The Li’l Depressed Boy. In a collaboration with Glover sparked by mutual appreciation, issue #10 of S. Steven Struble and Sina Grace’s comic will see its titular mopey, anthropomorphized rag doll attending a Childish Gambino concert, which inspires him to “climb out of his cocoon and experience the world,” according to the press release, setting Depressed Boy on an ongoing story arc that, according to his creators, will mirror the themes of Gambino’s Camp album. (And according to the below cover, sometimes fairly literally.) You can buy a copy with a special limited-edition cover on all dates of Glover’s upcoming concert tour, or you can purchase the regular, not-as-special edition at your local comics store beginning April 25.

Please note that we did not mention Community once in this post, except for that time.


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