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In what is either an effort to confuse viewers or annoy the living hell out of anyone still feeling loyalty to watching TV in a more traditional manner via cable or satellite dish, FX is ramping up its streaming efforts by creating shows that won’t even air on FX. But they’ll air on FX on Hulu; yes, it’s a bit weird.


A brief new teaser trailer posted by FX Networks is essentially a fluffy bit of PR, meant to remind its audience that FX has made a lot of very good shows, but scattered among the shots from Atlanta, American Horror Story, Justified, and Fosse/Verdon are looks at four new series. These shows include:

  • Devs: Created by Ex Machina/Annihilation writer-director Alex Garland, the show is about a woman investigating the mysterious tech company she believes killed her boyfriend. Here, we get a couple brief looks (and sounds) of costar Nick Offerman and his luxuriously long hair.
  • Mrs. America: Cate Blanchett does TV, in the story of the push for—and eventual failure ofthe Equal Rights Amendment.
  • A Teacher: Based on the Hannah Fidell film of the same name, the show stars Kate Mara as a high school teacher having a very inappropriate relationship with one of her male students.
  • The Old Man: Jeff Bridges as a CIA guy coming out of retirement to throw down on some bad men. We are all going to watch this show, presumably.

But in case you were thinking, “Great! I’ll program my DVR to record them,” allow FX to clear up any misconceptions. These new FX shows will not be airing on FX. Instead, they will fall wholly under the purview of “FX on Hulu,” which, to FX’s credit, means the channel is not trying to launch its own damn streaming service like seemingly everyone else on the planet. Instead, it will be a subsection of Hulu that, in addition to carrying FX (and FXX) shows that will come to Hulu after premiering on cable, will be the sole home for these new series as streaming-only content. You can watch the short teaser below, and use the minute and ten seconds of its running time to ponder what makes an FX show an FX show if it doesn’t air on FX. Once more for good measure: FX.

Alex McLevy is a writer and editor at The A.V. Club, and would kindly appreciate additional videos of robots failing to accomplish basic tasks.

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