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Many of us are less than a week into our respective self-quarantines and already losing our minds. This, we imagine, is especially true for parents now rapidly adjusting to their kids relentlessly biting their ankles. With so much downtime and only so many hours of Planet Earth on Netflix, people are desperate to find other venues to keep the young ones occupied and educated.

Thankfully, what originally began as a cooperative Google Sheet compiling digital schooling ideas to deal with coronavirus quarantine measures has since expanded into the website, Virtual School Activities, which provides an extensive selection of free online spots to check out and learn you somethin’ during these trying times. Places like the Anne Frank Museum, the Louvre, the Schmidt Ocean Institute, and (perhaps most importantly) the Atlanta Zoo’s Panda Cam are all available for perusal, along with many other educational resources.

The bottom of the page also includes a submission contact if anyone has their own places to share. Take a deep breath, everyone. We (and the pandas) are gonna make it through this.


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