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Here's a fake 30 For 30 short on the Tune Squad/Monstars game from Space Jam

ESPN’s documentary series 30 For 30 displays reverence for even the most minute sports topics, especially the short films, which have covered Pete Rose at the Forum Shops at Caesars in Vegas, children’s sports book author Alfred Slote, and Henry and Holly Stephenson, the couple that creates the MLB schedule. But that puffed-up attitude needs puncturing every now and again, and this video on the matchup between the Tune Squad and Monstars from Space Jam does just that. To legitimize the proceedings, it has the participation of actual NBA analysts like Doug Gottlieb, former players Greg Anthony and Kurt Rambis, and the scholar who wrote Of Monstars And Men: The Space Jam Story. They recount the game, Jordan's displayed nerves at the outset, the terrible refereeing, and the Tune Squad continuing to play even after seeing Foghorn Leghorn burned alive on the court. And Larry Burnett of Fox Sports offers the sobering truth: “If you saw it in a movie, you wouldn’t believe it. And it’d be a pretty bad movie, too.”


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