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Illustration for article titled Heres 16 seconds of Joan Jett supposedly singing with Nirvana

If the rumors are true, and Joan Jett is fronting Nirvana at tonight’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductions, there’s video of what that might—or rather does—sound like. Some sneak recorded about 16 seconds of backstage footage at the Barclay’s Center last night, while the band was rehearsing “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” You can’t actually see the band, of course, so we don’t know that it’s really Jett—or even really the remaining members of Nirvana. But assuming it is, now you’ll have some, murky idea of what Jett’s voice sounds like in front of the rest of the band’s instrumentation, buried behind tons of concrete. More footage from the ceremony will certainly hit the net tonight, but the whole ceremony won’t be available on TV until May 31, when it airs on HBO.

Update: According to someone touring with her, St. Vincent will be playing with Nirvana tonight. She’ll probably be doing “Lithium,” since she’s been playing it out a lot lately.


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