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Here's 12 minutes of Nick Offerman extolling the joys of sex, sheep, and his own Scotch whiskey

Nick Offerman, Jimmy Kimmel
Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Untangling the full, manly strands connecting Nick Offerman and his most enduring alter ego Ron Swanson is a task many, many people readily undertake. Like Ron, Nick is a master woodworker, outdoor enthusiast, facial hair aficionado, and guy who’d like nothing better than to sit some young people down to tell them just exactly what is what. On the other hand, Nick the Chicago stage actor turned sitcom icon turned unlikely stand-up star has a rascally sexuality (as opposed to Ron’s studiously guarded yet no doubt prodigious variety) that he enjoys wryly exhibiting—often beside his wife of 20 years Megan Mullally—on stage in front of thousands of people. Witness him taking an expert stage pause for audience catchup laughter upon relating the title of the pair’s 2017 two-person show Summer Of 69: No Apostrophe, during his unsurprisingly delightful appearance on Friday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Offerman (sporting a high-and-tight that one yet pictures the gloriously maned Swanson nodding at in approval) and a trim, salt-and-pepper beard (that Ron might regard as suspiciously hip), spent an effortless 12-plus minutes regaling Kimmel with tales of manly, world-hopping adventure. Parlaying Ron Swanson’s love of a particular real world brand of fine single malt Scotch whiskey into said brand’s own line of Nick Offerman hooch? Check. Meeting a Scottish shepherd on Twitter and spending a vacation helping out by spreading hay and something called “sheep cake”? That’s a check. (Also, it’s just fun to hear Offerman say the phrase “sheep cake.”) Offering up the afterglow pillow talk to Mullally that, in the dewy twilight, she looks like 1970s Cher, or “a period Playboy centerfold”? You know it. (Kimmel also plays that unsettling Full House-Offerman mashup video, so be warned.)


So sit back, pour yourself the fine, 11-year-old, celebrity-approved whiskey of your choice, and bask in the peaty yet twinkly warmth of Nick Offerman promoting his upcoming All Rise one-man comedy tour and pronouncing phrases such as “just a thin patina of Vicks on a BLT,” “drinkable yogurt,” “Let my try and nutshell this for you,” and, of course, “robust fornication.”

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