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Here they are: The worst pants

In 1998, The Simpsons posed an unforgettable question: “Don’t you hate pants?” Now, one intrepid fashion designer has responded with an emphatic “yes.”

The LA-based designer Carmar are now selling “pants” that look positively mauled, a cursed fusion of jeans and thong that’s more Cronenberg than Karan. The “extreme cut out” style is described as having a “relax fit, high rise” design, though we’d characterize them as mangy shreds of denim that hang like so much silly string. Before they sold out (of course they sold out), they were going for $168. If that sounds outrageous, well, they do have pockets.


Here’s how people who prefer their clothes functional reacted on Twitter:


If you’re wondering who had a hand in popularizing this trend, you’d be correct in assuming a Jenner. How could it not be? These are the same people who tried to sell you “vintage” t-shirts for over $100.


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