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Here’s your first look at Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2

Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty

Those involved with Deadpool 2 are working hard to assure fans that it will be just as funny as the first one, perhaps because so much shit has gone down behind the scenes en route to getting the sequel into theaters. But while assuaging concerns about bringing the funny has been a key talking point, costar Josh Brolin has also been letting everyone know he’s getting absolutely jacked, the better to convincingly portray grumpy and heavily muscled time traveler Cable in the film. (Thank God he wasn’t ordered to try and embody the look of Rob Liefeld-era Cable, because he would shatter his bones trying to make his body contort in those ways.) Last month we got the first look at Zazie Beetz’ Domino, and now, Ryan Reynolds has taken to social media once more to provide the first look at Brolin’s Cable, all scarred up and ready to grumble things while shooting very big guns.


Those confused as to why Brolin looked like he had run a razor through the middle of his right eyebrow at the recent Avengers: Infinity War panels will now have their curiosity sated. They won’t, however, have a better explanation as to why the same person is playing two different guys—Thanos and Cable—should Marvel ever manage to get its hands back on the X-Men. Given Fox’s attitude towards that possibility is probably something along the lines of “our cold dead hands,” however, it probably won’t be a concern any time soon.

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