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Here’s your chance to ask Chris Gethard anything you want

Photo: Desiree Navarro/Getty

Chris Gethard has achieved the kind of ubiquity that’s rare in the American comedy landscape. For years, he’s mined the humor in supporting roles in everything from Parks And Recreation to Broad City, as well as turning in affecting performances in films like Don’t Think Twice. And it’s all delivered with the offbeat appeal of a guy who’s been quietly building a loyal and devoted fan base of fellow outsiders, in large part through his cult series The Chris Gethard Show. And now, in honor of his new HBO comedy special Career Suicide, The A.V. Club is giving those same fans a chance to hit up the awkwardly endearing comedian with whatever question they’d like.

It’s a very simple process: You can email AVCGethard@gmail.com and ask away, or you can go into the comments below and pose the question there. We’ll look through everything, and then pass along the best ones for him to answer. Ask as many as you’d like, about any subject you choose, and then we’ll sit down with him and get his responses, in a video that will run the beginning of next month. And given his special is called Career Suicide, something tells us he’ll be open to answering some personal questions, should you so choose.


[Coming soon to HBO, Chris Gethard: Career Suicide looks to destigmatize issues like depression and suicide while still being incredibly funny. Spawned from his response to a fan’s question about depression that went viral, Chris Gethard opens up about his mental-health struggles in this one-man show that’s personal, raw and provocative.]

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