There have been a lot of “scientific” investigations into the world of Game Of Thrones, something that’s both entirely sensible and completely ridiculous considering it’s a fictional book series set in a fictional universe. And while the idea of reading scientific papers all summer long might seem appealing to some, to other, lazier people, it’s torture. Fortunately, PBS Digital Studios has produced an episode of its web series It’s Okay To Be Smart all about the scientific work done into certain aspects of Thrones. Why, for instance, would Westeros experience such crazy seasons? And how could dragons breathe fire? And where did all that Valyrian steel and Lannister gold come from? And would the wall really work? Host Joe Hanson is a quick talker, but he gets all his points across in a smart and matter of fact way, calling out links on the video’s YouTube page to further and more detailed research into each subject he covers.

It’s Okay To Be Smart has a number of other fascinating scientific videos on its YouTube page and posts regularly on its Tumblr about topics as varied as the migration of sardines and Saturn’s polar aurora.