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Jane The Virgin (Photo: The CW)

Stars like Anna Kendrick have been trying to vision-board their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a tactic that Jane The Virgins Gina Rodriguez is also giving a shot. While on a SXSW panel with Doctor Strange scribe Jon Spaihts, Rodriguez let slip which Marvel superhero she’s dying to play, and it’s someone who probably isn’t on Marvel studio’s horizon right now. Rodriguez, who knows her comics, says she’s a huge fan of America Chavez, the second hero to carry the Miss America mantle, and tells Geeks Of Color she’d love to play her on screen.


Created in 2011 by Joe Casey and Nick Dragota, America Chavez is a queer Latina teen and superhero from the Utopian Parallel. The MCU’s already pretty sprawling, so it could be tricky to work in an alternate dimension; then again, Thor and Hulk are jetting off to another planet for Ragnarok, so maybe it isn’t so farfetched. And Rodriguez has a lot of cachet these days: in addition to her award-winning turn on Jane The Virgin, the Chicago-born actress is costarring with current MCU resident Tessa Thompson, Oscar Isaac, and Natalie Portman in Alex Garland’s Annihilation.

[via Screenrant]

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