Set your Sunday Funday plans now—and then keep the calendar open for the following Wednesday: As FXX announced today, new seasons of The League and You’re The Worst will debut Wednesday, September 9 at 10 and 10:30 p.m. Eastern.

This is the seventh and final season for The League, a conclusiveness illustrated in the following image of the show’s cast walking away from the set of Hank Williams Jr.’s final Monday Night Football video, wearing jackets stolen from the original MNF commentary team. Only Kevin and Taco appear to realize that they and their friends are about to step on a photographer, probably because Taco is stoned and imagining the whole thing. (Please credit The A.V. Club for this 100 percent accurate and in no way facetious prediction for The League’s series finale, in which the show is all a fantasy Taco has while staring at The Shiva.)


(photo: Matthias Clamer/FX)

Meanwhile, 2014’s best new comedy (that wasn’t previously one of the internet’s funniest shows) celebrates its move to FXX by re-staging the shopping cart race from one of 2014’s most joyous half-hours of TV (no qualification necessary). Jimmy and Gretchen are sharing a cart, which suggests they’ve stayed together during the events that bridge seasons one and two—though the expressions on their faces indicate that they’re still skeptical of anything that anyone else considers “joyous.” Lindsay and Edgar, meanwhile, embrace newfound freedoms, delighting in a still photo that should be subtitled “You’re The Best,” because Lindsay and Edgar are the best.

(photo: Autumn De Wilde/FX)